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Our services include
Water Damage Restoration,
Mold Remediation and
Fire Damage Clean up.

AMH is a local, independent and owner-operated business located in Rockland County, NY and proudly serves the Lower Hudson Valley and Bergen County, NJ. We are a certified member of the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and a licensed NYS Department of Labor Mold Remediation Contractor. We are available to assist our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Our Services

AMH Restoration Services

AMH Restoration is available to assist our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work directly with most insurance companies – to help ease your stress!

Water, Mold & Fire Restoration

Our main priority is to get your indoor air quality back to acceptable levels.


There’s more to cleaning services than a mop hitting the floor.

Floor Care

We are proud to partner with Roca Flooring for all your flooring needs.

The MJ Group is a family-owned and operated organization that focuses on quality service & comprehensive management.

Known for our exceptional staffing and support, we deliver innovative solutions that enable our clients to successfully achieve their profitability and growth goals.

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Why Choose us

Having gathered years of experience and knowledge,
Below are just a few reasons why we can help ease your stress.

Leading cleaning company

Fully licensed and insured, with affordable and competitive prices.

Personalized service

Maintaining a high standard of professionalism while remaining helpful & approachable.


Our team is fully trained and supervised by our professional managers.

Well equipped

Providing our own vehicles, equipment, and cleaning products.

We don't subcontract

Ensuring that our standards of quality are always met.

Flexible working hours

We work on your schedule.

Reliable, consistent, friendly,
professional and safe.

Fully equipped with all the tools and equipment required, our dedicated team
delivers high-level service that can be adapted to suit any environment or

Why you need us?

  • Fully trained staff
  • Local, efficient small business
  • Owner supervised
  • Neat and Clean
  • We work closely with you in saving or removing any damaged items
  • Remove all garbage and debris
  • Left with a completely ready to be repaired, if not improved space


What Our Clients Have To Say

Fully equipped with all the tools and equipment required, our dedicated team delivers
high-level service that can be adapted to suit any environment or schedule.

Daniel Valez
Daniel Valez
As a son returning to my childhood home after years of being away I found the house I grew up in in utter decay. Cracked foundation, heavy black mold throughout the house and a number of things in major disrepair. I've been blessed to find contractors that saved my families estate and essentially their lives as well. They're no longer living in catastrophic air quality and environment. AMH was a VERY MAJOR contributor to this. BJ as a source of info for current solutions and future maintenance as well as just a general well rounded knowledge of construction was absolutely invaluable. He gave me a plan of attack that the team executed, he identified the areas of moisture that were causing the problem as well as valuable info on how to prevent future issues and maintain it. I'll carry the things he shared with me for the rest of my life. Luis and his team had a level of attention to detail that showed in the end result. My childhood home is healing now and it's thanks to them. They are God sends and worth every penny they charge. Thank you BJ, Luis & everyone at AMH responsible for providing an environment my parents can retire in that is free from stress worry and decay. I owe you guys more than I could ever put in words. Hope this review helps you guys flourish as you've helped my family begin to flourish. God bless AMH restoration.
Eileen Bressler
Eileen Bressler
We had a flood that damaged the whole lower level of my house. BJ and his team were at my house to assess and begin work within an hour of my phone call. The team was amazing. They were able to mitigate the standing water and helped save as much of my belongings that they could. They prevented further damage and for that I'm truly thankful. They were quick, efficient and really the nicest people you want to deal with in a time when everything is stressful. I highly recommend AMH.
John Skelly
John Skelly
Excellent overall service. They responded very quickly to a water loss at my in laws condo. Would highly recommend!
5 Star Rating for This Outstanding Company - The AMH Owner BJ and his great crew of workers did an excellent job on my water damaged basement .AMH responded promptly to my urgent call, took quick action and did an excellent professional overall job.
Kathy Milmore
Kathy Milmore
I am an interior decorator and use Brain and his team to do all of my restoration work for my clientsHis team is very professional , they come immediately and resolve the problem seamlessly I would only use AMH Restoration
Michael Price
Michael Price
AMH was really easy to work with and professional. I assume most people have to use them because something bad happened, and for me, it was a mold remediation job. They made the process of getting it taken care of as smooth as possible. I would recommend their company to anyone in a similar situation.
Tiffany Kogen
Tiffany Kogen
AMAZING OVER THE TOP!!!! Use AMH over any other option! I have owned many homes and investment properties over the last 25 years. As a single woman solely responsible for all matters that go well and completely horribly with over 15 toilets, kitchens, sewer systems, roofs, furnaces, dryers bla bla bla you get the idea. I've met my share of service providers. All the people involved with AMH have been so kind, ruinously responsive and consistently professional. These are good quality people, trustworthy with admirable business practices. It starts at the top with the owner and trickles down to leadership, the office/operation team including the people doing the work and picking up equipment. I have had this service before and moving foward will only use AMH in the future. I chose not to mention names, they are so relatable and care so much, I could name the owner, office staff, each of the 4 men that came on various days to help. So delightful.....made a harrowing and horrible flood palatable. THANK YOU!
Robert Grosser
Robert Grosser
When my hot water heater broke and flooded my basement, 4 days before I was hosting 130 people at my home for a Labor Day party, who did I call...AMH. Who showed up within an hour...AMH. Who's crew, professionals in every sense of the word, spent the day getting my home back in order...AMH. Simply stated, this team is the absolute best. I am beyond grateful and satisfied with the wonderful service and great results under very challenging circumstances. Thank you AMH from a very satisfied customer!
marc katz
marc katz
We had a terrible septic back up/cleanup in my basement this summer. AMH Restoration came to the rescue by the very next day. BJ and his team were outstanding to deal with and within two days, my basement was cleared and ready to be redone. I highly recommend.


Need More Info?

Our goal is to provide the best customer service and to answer all of your questions in a timely manner.

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Often the amount of the dry out is unknown, however our pricing is based on standardized pricing for the industry. Your insurance company uses the same price guide we do. When an adjuster is assigned to your claim, we will explain to them what we have done up to that point, and then get an authorization before further steps are taken. We deal with the adjuster throughout the entire process.

This is a big concern with many people, here at AMH Restoration we have spent a lot of time on education and equipment to become qualified in water damage restoration. In most cases if the drying process is started fairly quickly, you generally do not need to be concerned with mold. While mitigating the water, we will be checking for any signs and will bring them to your attention as we work.

We do not. New York state has two different licenses, one for the testing of mold, the other for the remediation. This is the checks and balances of mold remediation. The tester gives a clear outline to follow, and does a re-test after to make sure all mold levels are within environmentally acceptable standards. If we suspect elevated levels of mold, we will refer you to a reputable third party mold testing firm to perform a proper inspection and sampling.

The equipment we use is capable of running for months without being shut off, they will not overheat. If you hear or smell anything which seems unnormal, please unplug the equipment in question and call us immediately. Our technician will be checking all equipment and dry out progress on a regular basis.

We use sensitive moisture meters designed to specifically check for moisture content. We will not cover up any areas, which may be still wet. This is why you have made a good choice to call us, not just any water damage chain company. We are trained and certified in water damage assuring you, the home or business owner, of the best quality service. Giving you the peace of mind that when we leave, it will be dried out properly.

Typically the average water loss takes between 2 to 5 days. If materials have been exposed to water over a long period of time it may take 4 to 7 days.

Microban is an antimicrobial, which is designed to inhibit, destroy, or prevent the development of microorganisms. Many times we will use this product as a precautionary step. You and your families health is our main concern.

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We offer 24/7 Emergency Water, Mold & Fire Restoration Services.

If this is a water emergency, please call us directly at
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as we could be on a job site and will not receive your email right away. For all other inquiries, please use our contact form to tell us more about your project and we will connect with you soon to discuss the services that best fit your needs.Copyright © 2022 AMH Restoration - All Rights Reserved.