Mold Remediation

Rockland Westchester, & Orange Counties Mold Specialists, AMH, is a Licensed Mold Remediation Company.

Our main priority is to get your indoor air quality back to acceptable levels. 

We are licensed through the New York State Department of Labor and adhere to all IICRC standards which relates to mold cleanup.

AMH Restoration specializes in mold eradication. We offer landlords, realtors, management companies as well as residential homes, mold remediation services.
There are more than 100,000 types of mold. Some molds produce powerful chemicals called "mycotoxins" that can produce illness in animals and people - so don't take any chances.
Mold can cause havoc on your immune system and can lead to serious illnesses. Individuals seem to be quite different in their response to exposure to the toxic chemicals that some molds release. These differences between individuals contribute to the difficult question of determining safe exposure limits for mold. You can't take a chance if you are responsible for others.
If you have discovered mold in your work or home environment, give us a call at 845-268-5660 or