Fire Damage


Fires are physically and emotionally devastating.

Rockland, Westchester, & Orange Counties fire damage experts, AMH will help return your house/business back to it's pre-fire state.  

Smoke penetrates throughout the entire structure. From small fires cleaned on site, to larger fires where contents need to be packed and stored, AMH is the right choice! Don’t wait any longer than necessary to start the restoration process.

This can happen during a fire...

  • Smoke can penetrate throughout every nook and cranny in the house
  • Insulation can become contaminated and must be removed
  • Your contents (furnishings, decorations & stored goods) become contaminated

The correct process of cleaning needs to be started ASAP. Soot can pit stainless steel, porcelain & countertops - DON'T TOUCH OR TRY TO CLEAN YOURSELF!